Good Mood Blog - now online!

We must admit that our new blog is in german. If you are interested in an english version, just shoot us a mail. If the interest is there, we might even start one in different languages... who knows... we are even learning spanish right now! :) Just contact us and we see, what will happen: Write us a mail!

But hey, maybe your german is not that bad?!? Than have a look into it here! 

We even did a funny little test for the video side of things. You know how it is... the light must just right... the sound must be as good as you can get it... so you keep on testing :) Watch the funny test video here! 

Our Music

We started with our little band ten years ago and we have five CD's out up till now. We are always writing new stuff, but to check it all out, just click here and take your time to listen! 

Of course you can go crazy and purchase what ever you want :) Knock yourself out and just click here!

Otherwise you can downloadstreamshareand like - it's all possible!

We are always happy to see you on all the known channels - stay in contact!

We wrote our songs for you... hope they take you to a happy place!

Live... soon :)

We are totally optimistic:

Soon it will be possible to play live gigs again. And when that day comes, we will be out there again with hopefully loads of other bands that survived these crazy times...

At the moment the plan is to give our first concerts again starting in april.

Find more dates here!.

If it should not be possible to play live, there might just be the chance that we are fed up with it all and will invest our soul and heart to get the online gigs working!


Up to now our newsletter is in german too - just like the new blog! So sorry for that, but if you are still interested in it, you are more than welcome to get signed up!

Once a month we get you into a good mood and send our latest happenings  :)

Sometimes it's good to get reminded that the concept of a good mood is possible and tipps and tricks of how to not only achieve it, but to stay in it...

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We have loads of stuff out there! Here are two of our latest videos...