" ...Harp and Drums in perfect harmony... A fascinating mix of orchestra harp, drums and voice excited the audience at the 'alte Stellmacherei' on sunday. 'A little band with a big harp' - Jeanine Vahldiek and Steffen Haß - performed in front of a sold out house. They played and sang songs composed by themselve with an influence of pop, rock and jazz. Opening the evening the colourful clothed harpist coaxed soft tones out of her instrument... The audience was captured straight away... 'Today we would like to create a little coziness and relaxation in you. But there will also be some philosophical and funny stuff. Steffen is gonna start playing together with me now - full on! That'll please the first row...' Vahldiek announced. And she did not promise too much. Her colleague combined the full force of his percussion set with the next song 'No Dignity'; cajon, triangle, cymbal and more - he made them harmonise with the soft harp of his band member in a wonderful way... "

Peiner Allgemeine Zeitung, nic


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